Welcome to Dory Capital

Dory Capital is a Technology Bit2Atom innovation, management consultancy and investment house

We leverage Israeli Technologies and British talents to enable, empower and build unique and
exceptional Israeli start-ups with frontier breakthrough technologies!

If you have a burning desire to succeed, and you believe in your vision, we at Dory
Capital would be delighted to support and enable your operation


Bit2Atom Technologies and Innovations

We are looking for Advanced Technologies in the following fields

Radiation-free scanning and imaging solutions

Non-invasive testing and diagnostic solutions

Pain relief and wellness solutions

Non-invasive medical and surgical solutions

Blockchain for Life Sciences


Empowering, enabling and investing in

Bit2Atom innovative technologies

Dory Capital was established in 2021, as a management consultancy and investment house, designed to enable Bit2Atom innovative technologies. We aim to enable and strengthen the execution of projects and start-ups with frontier breakthrough technologies as well as supporting the scope of their efforts to expand their operation globally through our well-established extensive network and ecosystem.

We invest in people! The entrepreneurs and promising start-ups we focus on are pioneering new frontier visionary technologies. We enable, inspire, encourage and help them in navigating and leveraging on our extensive network and international experience in order to help them make a leap into international markets. Using our global reach and presence in North America, APAC and EMEA allow us to successfully support and promote our start-ups and companies.

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it”
(Paulo Coelho)


Give your efforts a boost

“It’s The Possibility Of Having A Dream Come True That Makes Life Interesting” (Paulo Coelho)


Fair Investment Approach

We, at Dory Capital, empower, enable and invest in Bit2Atom R&D based innovative and groundbreaking technologies with a Fair Investment Approach which is designed as win-win for all parties.


Seal of approval

Dory Capital portfolio companies undergo a comprehensive process of examination by our experts, focusing and putting the team in the center and servicing as a significant signal to other investors and partners within our international network.


Dedication and commitment

We, at Dory Capital, are fully committed to support your operation and would allocate a dedicated team of mentors to maintain a personal and collaborative working relationship as well as promoting your venture in the market and within our international network.


Global Reach

Dory Capital, throughout our extensive international network, will help you to connect your technology to design-partners and end-users, giving you access to initial feedback, POCs and further engagements with the market.


Prompt and Efficient

We, at Dory Capital, believe in simplicity and as such we have created a simple prompt process that will guide you effectively from your first application to signing a contract.

The process

Present yourself
Please send us a one-pager teaser to dealflow@dory.capital:
  • Make sure you also introduce your team, and not just your technology.
  • Please, also, send us any and all materials and/or brochures you may already have (e.g. technical, marketing, others).
  • Last but not least, don’t forget to add your full contact details.
Meet us
In the meeting, please be prepared to present to us the following:
  • Explain and detail your ground-breaking technology and added value.
  • Detail your relevant experience, and your motivation for this project.
  • Detail your Value Proposition, Addressable Markets and GTM.
  • Detail your IP and R&D plans.
  • Provide a competitive analysis with differentiators that set you apart from the competition.
Moving forward

Personal vetting and assessment of the co-founding team

Preliminary technical assessment: The preliminary technical assessment will examine your technology knowhow, R&D capabilities, IP and a general technical team assessment.

An indicative due diligence: A detailed and thorough due diligence will include, among others, the following:

  • A vetting process of the entire team; and,
  • Assessment of key elements, such as business, legal and financial aspects; and,
  • Commercial viability, business potential and proposed modus operandi.

Final approval: Post due diligence, your full R&D and GTM program is presented internally for final approval.

To work: Signing an investment/cooperation agreement and getting to work.



Oxy Eight Systems

Hyperbaric oxygen chamber, also known as HBOT, is becoming a recognised upcoming solution for medical, pain relief and wellness treatments. Receiving health and wellbeing related treatments in an HBOT would mean breathing oxygen (over 90%) at a higher pressure than atmospheric pressure (1.3 ATA). By increasing blood cell oxygen saturation, additional oxygen is carried throughout the body to infuse, enrich, rejuvenate and heal the body.

Manna Muons Medical

In the foreseeable future, radiation-free scanning and imaging medical solutions, with much greater and higher resolution and capabilities, will be created for the first time in the world. This will represent the dawn of a new era; the era of subatomic, light-rooted, quantum mechanics-based technologies that will emerge to provide more novel, sophisticated, and clever than ever before medical solutions, leveraging radiation-free subatomic particles.

Super Trader

We are the international trading arm of Dory Capital. From commerce to commodities, and securities to digital assets, we provide nearly a decade of experience in trading, facilitating, bridging, and providing bespoke international trading solutions and liquidity services. Backed by strong computer sciences, mathematics, physics, and economics expertise, we truly provide the ultimate in-house trading solutions, bridging and linking finance and technology.


YES, we would! We empower, enable and invest in companies with an outstanding team and breakthrough technology, but we are also open to help, build and support a breakthrough technology/idea.

Click here to go back and read the brief instructions in the “Process” page, and  send us your one-page teaser.

Of course! In actual fact, we are very interested in Pre-Seed entrepreneurs, especially because it is usually very difficult to raise money and attract investments and/or investors at such an early stage. We sincerely believe in the enablement of such early stages, Per-Seed, ventures and also certain that our Modus Operandi and international network will truly make it into a Win-Win for both parties.

We have a clear screening process and applications are subject to a discretionally filtering and pre-examination process of both the team and the proposed technology. We are not obligated to any third party, company or entrepreneurs that approaches us.

No prior acquaintance is required and warm introduction will neither be an advantage nor a disadvantage. The way we see it, anyone and everyone can apply as it is all about Bit2Atom groundbreaking technology, led by a strong team.

Of course, you should! Dory Capital welcomes any groundbreaking first-to-market ideas and technologies. If you believe you have something brilliant and you wish to present it to us, by all means, go ahead and do so – contact us.

There isn’t a timeline protocol, however, we do provide an initial Go/No-go response within a few days to a fortnight. In the event of a GO, the schedule will be agreed upon with the entrepreneurial team and/or the company.

Of course. We encourage our portfolio companies to raise additional capital and support them in their efforts by connecting them to potential investors and partners within our international network.

Not officially, because of the nature of our investment. However, some of our ventures are mentioned under Portfolio hereinabove.

Post term sheet, a clear and simple Shareholders Purchasing Agreement will be signed between us, and our partners, in which we both will define the stages of the investment based on your R&D plan and detailed budget.


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